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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Site theme

Ten months down the line,
I still like this site's style,
I've tweaked it a bit,
But I gotta admit,
That bluesmoon did this one fine.

When I work on a site, I always start with the design first. I'm a visual developer, so I really need to see what things will look like when I'm done. I also need to know if I can stand the design enough to stare at it for days on end during development. The result is that I end up hating my design in a couple of days and change things around, most often it's the colours.

This has happened a lot with earlier versions of my site's style, but the version I have now is one I like. I first pushed it out standardised across all my subdomains back in November 2009, and now 10 months down the line, it still pleases me.

I like the colours. They don't shout out at me, but frame my content well. Important content is visible while unimportant meta information is dimmed out. I played around with the margins a lot to get it to work the way I want across devices. It's not ideal, but it gets the job done. I took inspiration for the fonts from several sites until I settled on what I use now.

There's still a few issues. Not everyone likes the tag cloud, but it's the best way for me to navigate my site, especially since google's site search doesn't seem to work. The home page looks terrible on my E71, and I should get to fixing that some day, but other than that, it's ok.


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