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Thursday, July 14, 2011

CouchDB drivers for NodeJS

I've been looking at writing some code in NodeJS, and wanted to use CouchDB as the data store (note, I don't have relational data). I've come across the following libraries, all coincidentally on github.
  • couch-client
  • cradle
  • noddycouch
  • node-couch
  • node-couchdb
  • node-couchdb-min
At this point I've only looked at the documentation, so I don't have a detailed idea of which I'd use. If you have your own favourites, please mention them in the comments.


The documentation seems reasonably rich, and it has all the methods that I'd like to use. My only concern at this point is that it batches up writes. This may not be ideal for my particular use case, but it isn't a show stopper.

There are no installation/setup docs, so I assume I've got to clone the github repo to get it.


I've been impressed with cradle's docs so far, and it's also available through npm, which is a plus. It also distinguishes between creating a document with and without an id, which may be required in my use case.

Lastly, cradle mentions an SSL use case, which I think is important. The other libraries may also have SSL support, but they don't explicitly call it out.


No docs available, but example.js has code examples on how to use it.


Again, no docs available, except to say that it was inspired by the jQuery module for NodeJS.


Very good documentation and seems to be a very thorough API, but the owner says he isn't maintaining the package any more. That's a big downside.


This appears to be a minimal version of node-couchdb.