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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Velocity Santa Clara 2015 -- My List

At Velocity SC 2015, these are the talks that I'd really like to see if only I could be in more than one room at a time.

Wednesday, May 27

09:00 Service Workers by Pat Meenan

Exciting new technology currently available in Chrome

11:00 Building performant SPAs by Chris Love

Since we're doing a lot of SPA work for boomerang at the moment, I'm very interested in performance best practices for SPAs

13:30 Metrics Metrics Everywhere by Tammy & Cliff

Tammy and Cliff are my colleagues at SOASTA, and this talk is based on a lot of the data that I've been working to collect over the last few years. I'm torn between this and the next one also at the same time.

13:30 Self-healing systems by Todd & Matt

Todd & Matt are also colleagues at SOASTA, and this talk is about the infrastructure we've developed to collect the metrics that are covered in the talk that Tammy & Cliff are doing. I really wish I could be at both.

15:30 Linux Perf Tools by Brendan Gregg

Always interested in tools to analyse linux performance.

Thursday, May 28

I haven't listed the keynotes here because that's the only track at the time and I don't need to choose which room to be in.

13:45 LinkedIn's use of RUM by Ritesh Maheshwari

LinkedIn uses a modified version of boomerang, and I'm keen to know what they've done.

13:45 Stream processing and anomaly detection by Arun Kejriwal

Very interesting topic, something that I'm very interested in.

13:45 Design & Performance by Steve Souders

Steve's talks are always educational

14:40 Visualising Performance Data by Mark Zeman

Again, this is something I'm working on at the moment, so very interested.

14:40 Failure is an Option by Ian Malpass

Etsy's devops talks are always educational.

16:10 Crafting performance alerting tools by Allison McKnight

I'm very interested in crafting alerts from RUM data.

Friday, May 29

09:00 RUM at MSN by Paul Roy

14:25 Missing Bandwidth by Bill Green

14:25 Winning Arguments with Performance Data by Buddy Brewer

17:05 All talks at this time slot

This last slot is unfortunate. Every talk at this slot is interesting and by good speakers.


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